Warum arbeitet ein Fotograf im RAW und wann im JPEG

Why photographer work in RAW?

RAW means that datas of my camera sensor will saved 1:1.

To build a usable picture for a computer you need the right RAW converter. The translation to a JPEG reduce datas of a picture. That information will be lost.

1. Tip: Use every times RAW.

If id do my camera settings  to JPEG, the images are compressed and the other data are thus lost. If i refer record a BW Series I set the camera settings of my picture styles to BW. Now I get the images in the preview of my camera appear as BW. I save the images in RAW remains the preview in BW – but the RAW’S in color are stored. This means that based on the settings of the image style, have no impact on the saved RAW’S.

2. Tip: Grading pictures as RAW.

The edit of RAWS in Lightroom and co. has the advantage that I can produce several processing options, without saving each variant. Lightroom saves only the different settings of the RAW parameters. Only advanced edits in Photoshop require additional space.

3. Tip: JPEG if it have to be fast.

If I’m  worked journalistic as a photographer, I also work in JPEG format. So it is possible to save time. I can JPEG’S pull directly from the memory card in the mail or publish it on other way.

4. Tip: Saving twice.

Many cameras have 2 memory card slots. The permit store images on card 1 in RAW format and card 2 in JPEG. So is  fast work and quality postproduction possible. If I don´t need JPEG, I mirror the images on both cards. This means in the memory settings of the camera is then: Card 1 RAW and Card 2 RAW.
Regardless of the model you choice, you work redundant. Even if a memory card is defect – most you will see by reading out.

5. Tip: Delay your data cards after second backup of datas.

If you have developed an awareness how important the data on your computers, you will done a backup before. So why not at regular intervals? For example, after copying the memory cards.

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